Band Piece to Benefit Japanese Tsunami Victims – Recording Released!

Kevin Mixon’s “Japanese Pictures”, a Level 2 concert band composition, is being released through Carl Fischer Music in Spring 2012.  All royalties from the sale of the piece are being donated to Music for Relief (, an organization of musicians, music industry professionals, and fans providing disaster relief to survivors of the 2011 tsunami in Japan, as well as people in need around the world.

Listen and download the professional recording here:

To further enrich learning, Kevin is corresponding with students, rehearsing and conducting performances without fee for any band whose students raise additional funds for Music for Relief.  There is no set amount required for fund-raising; the primary goal is that students take initiative in some way to help the cause (e.g., collection at concert, during lunch periods, etc.).  Please contact Kevin to discuss ways your students can work directly with the composer:

This new composition, with both spirited bravura and lyrical sections, draws from tuneful folk melodies and aggressive taiko (drum) ensemble rhythms to introduce students to traditional Japanese music styles.   In addition to advancing musical skills in a multicultural context, performing the piece also teaches students that their artistry can be used to help others in need.  Creativity, empathy, and diversity skills are all part of 21st century learning standards that will adeqately prepare young musicians for future success.  This is a deeply enriching interdisciplinary learning opportunity!


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