Atlanta Public School Defendants Should Have Same Fairness Afforded Their Corporate Antagonists

I certainly do NOT approve of the cheating by educators, but was it necessary for the defendants to remain in jail while awaiting sentencing, or that they were charged under racketeering laws used for organized crime that did not seem to this case? And could this heavy-handedness be yet another example of the assault against educators, and, in this instance, African-American ones as well?

It is within the corporate realm that so-called education reformers have amassed billions of dollars for their unsuccessful reform efforts and vicious attacks on teachers. Typically, when there is wrongdoing in this corporate realm, entire businesses are charged, fined, etc., while individuals are less likely to be indicted. In fairness, shouldn’t that be the case in this scandal as well? Though there are individuals at fault (as in corporate scandals), it seems like this issue is the result of systemic industry-wide problems caused by the over-emphasis of testing results and maybe it is from this wider perspective we need to solve the issue.

But instead, we single out a few educators, throw the book at them, and feel smug that justice has been served. I don’t believe this is fair or that it will ameliorate further abuses.  And, sadly, justice has not been served for under-served, over-tested students.


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