Syracuse Music Teachers Heed the Call to Save Strings

Article in Teaching Music about the initiative to save string programs in our schools here.


Got a rough gig teaching band or orchestra? This newly revised resource will help you!

Reaching and Teaching All Instrumental Music Students, 2nd Edition Kevin Mixon Foreword by Larry Clark
Reaching and Teaching All Instrumental Music Students is a much-needed text that addresses the specific needs of those who teach music in difficult circumstances. Guiding teachers through the complexities of today’s classroom realities, Mixon shares proven instructional strategies to produce music programs of merit, particularly in urban settings. University methods courses should put this book at the top of their reading list.—Edward S. Lisk, clinician, conductor, and author, Oswego, NY
Reaching and Teaching All Instrumental Music Students draws from credible research and established approaches to offer practical applications for the variety of music classrooms teachers face today, many of which are not ideal. Kevin Mixon shares successful techniques for recruiting and retention, garnering program support, teaching for diverse learning styles and exceptional students, classroom management, and teaching notation, composition, and improvisation. This expanded second edition adds practical advice on reading rhythm notation, teacher feedback, home visits, community building, and establishing positive relationships—with even the most challenging students. Mixon demonstrates that fostering respect and going the extra mile are rewarding for students, parents, and teachers alike.
About the Authors & Editors: Kevin Mixon has taught in varied urban, rural, and suburban environments. His ensembles consistently receive the highest ratings at festivals and are widely recognized for achievement. He publishes and presents regularly on several topics related to music education, and his growing list of published compositions for band and orchestra reflect and respect student diversity.
$40.00 | Cloth | 1-60709-906-3 | 978-1-60709-906-2 | Jun 2011 | 100 pp. $19.95 | Paper | 1-60709-907-1 | 978-1-60709-907-9 | Jun 2011 | 100 pp. $19.95 | Electronic | 1-60709-908-X | 978-1-60709-908-6 | Jun 2011 | pp.
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